How Do Vintage Rolex Watch Increase In Value?

February 2nd, 2022

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Somehow collecting watches has become more like collecting stamps, and all that matters is how old and how rare the watch is! If you talk about Rolex, you’ll be mesmerised with the kind of options the brand has to offer, especially the Vintage Rolex collection.

But instead of blindly following the trend, do you even know what you’re looking for? A Vintage Rolex has more to offer than just a pretty or a rare dial. It compiles the various other things that make a Rolex a ‘Vintage’. Here, we will discuss the factors contributing to increasing the value of vintage Rolex watches. That way, when the situation presents itself, you can sell Rolex watch to earn an excellent value.

5 things that can increase the value of a Vintage Rolex

1. The Dial is the Deal

You probably already guessed this coming. And, why not! In many instances, it is the dial where the value of a vintage Rolex lies. Specific vintage references with rare to find dials attract a higher value. This way, you can earn a handsome amount when you sell Rolex in the future.

Also, this is a great investment option. For example, Tiffany & Co commission specific Rolex models, making the timepieces inevitably valuable.

2. What’s the Age?

Rolex has a long trail of vintage reference numbers, further confusing you to select ‘the one’. However, you just need to find the good ones! For instance, if you intend to invest in a vintage Rolex Submariner, you can check the years for Ref. 1680.

The Submariner Ref. 1680 went through significant dial changes (Mark I to Mark VIII). Finding out which production year has which dial can help you determine if the Ref.1680 is more valuable than the rest.

FYI: Check out the ‘Red Submariner’ where you can see the red text on the dial. It’s worth every penny!

3. Welcome the Patina

Ignore anyone who says otherwise. The beauty of the patina is next level when it comes to Rolex watches. At first glance, it might appear to be all-old and dirty, but trust us, my friend; it is the Patina that can considerably increase the value of vintage Rolex watches.

During 1985-1989, Rolex somehow produced watches that had some sort of fault in the paint mixtures. The imperfection caused the dial colour to change from crisp white to a rich, creamy hue. These patina dials are extremely rare and are highly desirable in the pre-owned market.

So, it’s time that you give such Rolex dials a second glance!

4. A Paper Magic

We often crumble and throw away the product papers, don’t we? But watches that come with papers can trace back their origin line, yielding excellent value. This is one such factor that piles up the value on a vintage Rolex timepiece.

Investing in a vintage Rolex that comes with the original box and papers is a big deal! A lot of times, people lose them as the years’ pass. So, if included, it adds a lot of real value.

5. How’s the Condition?

Now, this can mean different things to different people. Just so that you know, there’s a lot of difference between a Rolex with a brown dial and exotic tropical dials. While one can denote regular wear and tear, the other can reflect a nicely formed Patina (increases value).

It’s no surprise that watches in mint condition, even after years, will value a lot more than the same timepiece with significant signs of wear & tear.

Therefore ensure to evaluate your investment to earn big bucks when selling Rolex watches to reliable watch buyers in London.

Are Vintage Watches Good Investment Options?

The factors mentioned above make a Vintage Rolex timepiece even more valuable. So, people who shy away from investing in a good and rare vintage Rolex are undoubtedly missing out on a lot!

The value of a typical Vintage Rolex often increases over time, making them a good investment option. Moreover, as only a few of them are available in the market, they are even more desirable to collectors and watch fanatics.


You must have heard people saying that anything that is vintage holds value. We couldn’t agree more, especially in the watch fraternity. The Vintage Rolex models are rare to spot and enjoy an exceedingly impressive demand in the watch market.

If you want to invest in a vintage Rolex model, we suggest finding one that has the things mentioned above so that when you sell your Rolex to a watch buyer in London, you can get the best value!